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Meet Your Publicans


We are Stephen and Jessica. 

After a combined 30 years in Defence we were looking for a drastic lifestyle change. 

One afternoon we shared too many drinks with a hotel broker and discovered the Carrieton Hotel freehold was for sale. 

We never looked back ... 


Our previous careers saw us travelling far and wide, spending months apart and sacrificing time together.


We sold everything.


We poured our money and our hearts into restoring this handsome hotel

bar reno 2.jpg


bar reno.jpg

Along the way, in the midst of renovations, we welcomed our son. 

Then just weeks after the Carrieton Hotel's grand reopening, our daughter arrived.

ed coffee_edited.jpg

For our little family the Carrieton Hotel is all about new beginnings

The first chapter in a new story.


But for the community of Carrieton, and their pub which has been standing for 140 years, it is about breathing new life into old, yet valuable places.

We are not so much owners as we are custodians.

pekina pearls.jpg

We want to take pride in our heritage building.

To be a place where community spirit is ignited and strengthened.


To be a place that visitors speak of fondly for years after.

Edith Newborn - (6).jpg
Heartfelt thanks to Lisa at Adelaide Newborn Photography

We want our business to reflect our dual passions of home and family

We want to be a place where you feel welcomed and valued.

We want to be more than just a pub. We want the Carrieton Hotel to feel like your home, just as it does for us.

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